Two New Dock Configurations

Hello Boaters,

Thanks to J.T.’s comments, we have added a new dock configuration including Mooring Buoys. In addition, we have made some extensive “behind the scenes” changes. So, please, refresh your browser in the menu page, and again at the simulator page, and then test it out for us and send your comments to

Thanks to Captain Dirk who said, [it’s confusing when the boat is at the bottom, because the orientation is is not that of the captain.] Captain Dirk suggested keep the boat fixed and move the dock instead, but that’s a major redesign. So we created a mostly north-facing dock configuration to try to mitigate that problem. As always, let us know what you think.


TheBoaterDocker Group

Updated Large Center Controls

Hello Boaters,

The Large Center Controls are now enabled from the startup menu and not by clicking in the water. This enables the user in the Man Overboard scenario to click on the new location of the MOB.


New Dock Configuration

Hello Boaters,

As you might have noticed, we have slightly modified the old dock configuration. More importantly, we have redesigned the system to rapidly add new dock configurations, which can then be selected from a startup menu.

So, we need your help! Send your dock configuration sketches to and we will try to implement them.

TheBoatDocker Group

Fixed for Mozilla Firefox

Hello Boaters,

Thanks to Renz and others for letting us know that the simulator was not working in the Firefox browser. We think we fixed that problem, so refresh your browser and try again.

TheBoatDocker Team

Welcome to The Boat Docker

This simulator is designed to train you to dock your twin engine or single I/O power boat before you actually try it in the water! This is not a game, but a simulator. Thanks for all the feedback! We continuously update the simulator to make it an effective tool.

Click here to launch simulator.

We have a (Windows PC) downloadable version that runs independently from the internet. Click on the link below to download and run the TheBoatDocker. The file is safe to download!


Happy Boating!