Two New Dock Configurations

Hello Boaters,

Thanks to J.T.’s comments, we have added a new dock configuration including Mooring Buoys. In addition, we have made some extensive “behind the scenes” changes. So, please, refresh your browser in the menu page, and again at the simulator page, and then test it out for us and send your comments to

Thanks to Captain Dirk who said, [it’s confusing when the boat is at the bottom, because the orientation is is not that of the captain.] Captain Dirk suggested keep the boat fixed and move the dock instead, but that’s a major redesign. So we created a mostly north-facing dock configuration to try to mitigate that problem. As always, let us know what you think.


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11 thoughts on “Two New Dock Configurations

  • An enhancement request, is it possible to set orientation – i.e. define North? Now north is top of screen which would be fine if the docking area could be turned to match how your favorite marina or port is configured (but that is tough to turn the layout I read from another post). At my marina for example I actually come in from the NNE so it would be good if I could set where North is so that the wind and water direction relates more to the layout and it’s relationship to North.

  • Hello again. I just made a discovery. I tried running the sim again with the large center controls turned off, and it worked fine. I hope that helps resolve the problem as I much prefer the large center controls.
    Thanks again.

  • Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am using chrome and have tried refreshing both pages. It is closer to working for me. Rather than just the blank screen that I was getting before, I am now getting the “RUN” and “RESET” buttons as well as the brown side bar and water. Still no controls, docks, or boats on the screen to run the sim.

  • Hello. After the update that added the new dock configurations, I can no longer run the simulator. I have tried refreshing the page several times. I am able to select dock configuration, etc. but I just get a blank page instead of the sim. I think this is a great sim. Thanks for all your hard work!

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