Dock Configurations

Hello Boaters,

We now have the capability to add new dock configurations, so send your new dock sketches to

Currently, there are nine configurations:

Standard Dock Configuration

This is the original dock configuration.

Man Overboard

This configuration was proposed by Kevin who said, “take out the docks and provide a marker indicating the location where a victim might have gone overboard.  Open ocean is the idea. A victim would not move with the current which is exactly what we would want to teach.  We would want the boat to provide a lee for the victim in the water and let the boat drift up on the victim, taking advantage of the existing wind and current.  We could run Williamson and Anderson Turn scenarios and also practice retrieving water skiers. “

Click on the water to move the MOB.

Mooring Buoys

Thanks to J.T.’s comments, we have added a new dock configuration including Mooring Buoys.

North-Facing and South-Facing Dock Configurations

Thanks to Captain Dirk’s comments,  we created a mostly north-facing and south-facing dock configuration so that the orientation of the captain and the controls is consistent with the orientation of the boat.

Moving Boat

Thanks to Alexander’s comments, we created three moving boat options where a boat traverses the screen from right to left (at three different speeds) and does not stop for anyone or anything.


This configuration was proposed by John who asked for a modification to the Man Overboard that would “Simulate backing down on a fish.”  The fish moves quite a bit faster than the Man Overboard, otherwise it operates the same.

Click on the water to move the fish.