The Boat Docker Training

The following articles provide all of the information you need to know in order to operate The Boat Docker simulator.

Welcome to The Boat Docker

This simulator is designed to train you to dock your twin engine or single I/O power boat before you actually try it in the water! To get started, click above on “Run Simulator.” Thanks for all the feedback! We are continuously updating the simulator to make it a more effective tool. Please email your questions or […]

Added Gamepad support directly in browser

Hello Everyone, I once again added Gamepad support. This works for both wired and wireless Gamepads. Here is the mapping: B Button – Move Left Stern ThrusterA Button – Move Right Stern ThrusterY Button – Move Left Bow ThrusterX Button – Move Right Bow ThrusterL Button – Left Throttle UpR Button – Right Throttle UpZL […]

Using a Game Controller with Mac OS

From user Pete Harris: Love the simulator ! It’s great for developing muscle memory, so you can just focus on strategy when things get real. It was a bit daunting trying to figure out what game controller to buy, coupled with the worry I was wasting my time, and would not be able to get […]

Rudder Effectiveness and Single I/O Prop Walk

Thanks to your suggestions we have added Rudder Effectiveness and Single I/O Prop Walk. You can now select low/medium/high rudder effectiveness from the start menu. Be sure to refresh your browsers on the menu page and then again on the simulator page. For a single I/O with an engine speed of 600 RPM, the engine […]