GamePad Controller

Hello Everyone,

We once again added Gamepad support. This works for both wired and wireless Gamepads. Here is the mapping:

B Button – Move Left Stern Thruster
A Button – Move Right Stern Thruster
Y Button – Move Left Bow Thruster
X Button – Move Right Bow Thruster
L Button – Left Throttle Up
R Button – Right Throttle Up
ZL Button – Left Throttle Down
ZR Button – Right Throttle Down
Minus Button – Left Shifter Forward
Plus Button – Right Shifter Forward
Home Button – Right Shifter Reverse
Capture Button – Left Shifter Reverse

+ Controller Pad Left Arrow – Move Rudder Counter Clockwise
+ Controller Pad Right Arrow – Move Rudder Clockwise

Left Stick Press – Run / Stop Button

Thanks to Roy Lewis for pointing out that the GamePad Controller software produces blank simulator screens in some devices. So, we have added a new menu item to either enable or not enable the GamePad Controller. The default setting is Not Enabled.

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