New Dock configuration


from Deniz Tok:

Hello there. I just found out about your sim and I loved it! I can’t stop playing.

I have a Searay 450 EB with twin engines and separated shifts & throttles. This sim makes great sense and really helps understanding the physics of the boat. Maybe only the wind physics differ a bit from the real-life, as relative to the boat type, the side winds may push the bow more than the aft, which is my case. My engines are very heavy and just below the aft deck, so it needs a lot more force to build momentum on the aft than the lighter bow.

However, I sail the European waters and here, most of the docks are straight piers where you have to use a buoy or a bow-line to secure your bow and two aft lines to the deck, one for a cleat on each side.

Do you think you can add a configuration like this. The tricky part of docking in this case is when you are supposed to dock between two boats, especially when the opening is not that wide.

However, in this scenario, you may need to add an extra point (not a fender probably but more like a cleat?) to the bow of the boat, just like anchoring.

By the way, if you’d like to consider this, you may also look into anchoring. Actually, an anchoring sim would also be brilliant.

Well, looking at the comments and how you improved the sim, I think I was a little too encouraged. Again, this is really a great sim and I’ll be telling everyone about it.

Reply: We will work on that!

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