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  • Firstly Great SIM,
    1.A way of easing/tightening specific lines would be useful.
    Getting out of tight spots in high winds/tide generally requires good line work. The time between clicks of resetting a line to slightly ease/tighten can cause loss of control.

    2. When starting a line highlight the currently active fenders. A few times, I have found unexpected lines appearing.

      • Hello Chris,

        I completed half the task and in the process, I found a bug. The selected fender now turns red when waiting for a line to a cleat.


        • Much clearer

          I think I have found potential bug / feature improvement, associated with lines.
          The best way to demonstrate it is by starting the sim & putting a line on the bow to a cleat, then increase the tide / wind. In this scenario you would expect the vessel to pivot around the single line until the boat faces bow to wind / tide. Currently the vessel aligns in x & y on the canvas but fails to rotate.

          Thanks Chris

  • Fantastic sim – closest I’ve found to a twin engine simulator, wind and current. Just a few questions:

    I read here that you can create spring lines – but I can get the lines to attach to anywhere but the closest cleat, any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    Any chance of adding a wider vessel option that would simulate a catamaran?

    Has anyone mapped the controls to a joystick controller of some sort?

    • Thanks for your comments. First, the lines only attach to the closest cleat. We could modify this so that attaching cleats is a two-click process?? Let me know how you think that should work. Second, choose a heavier boat at the start menu and it will be bigger. Third, someone has mapped the controls to a joystick. Please read through the old comments and let me know if you find it.

      • Brilliant – can’t believe how active and responsive you are on here.

        A two click process would be great for creating those spring lines – and would enable one to practice “springing off” a dock when there is an on shore wind pinning you against it. Good for both multi and single engines.

        I’ll take a look for the joystick instructions.

        • Iain,

          We have updated the spring lines in the Windows PC version, so that it is now a two-step process. To deploy a spring line, first click on a bumper/fender, and then click on the cleat. To remove a spring line, just click on the bumper fender. For now, this feature is only available in the Windows PC downloadable version. Please test it to see if it works properly. Based on your response, we will implement the changes in the web version.

          TheBoatDocker Group

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