New Hot Keys

Thanks to our friend Tomas, we have added some new hotkeys in addition to the old ones. Tomas said: “Hi, I use a Mac computer so you could set the BOW thrust to (Q=left) and (W=right). Then STERN thrust could be (A=left) and (S=right). I also found a very nice shareware program called “USB-overdrive” for Mac. […]

New Instruments

Hello Boaters, Thanks to Phil’s suggestions, we have added upgraded the wind and water instrumentation. There is now a wind gauge that attempts to emulate a commercial gauge. We added a water gauge (which in reality doesn’t exist) to control the water speed and direction. The settings page still allows the user to choose a […]

New Controls Features Added

Thanks to all your feedback, we have added two new control features. The first is a rudder in the water. If you select large controls from the startup menu, you will see a large set of controls (now including a rudder) in the water. This is a duplicate set of controls as those in the […]

Upgraded Rudder Control

We have upgraded the rudder control to increment by 15 degrees per click using the mouse and 5 degrees per click using the Hot Keys. Read about rudder control under the Rudder heading and the Hot Keys heading. Also, we described the Hot Keys for a Mac.