Rudder Effectiveness and Single I/O Prop Walk

Thanks to your suggestions we have added Rudder Effectiveness and Single I/O Prop Walk.

You can now select low/medium/high rudder effectiveness from the start menu. Be sure to refresh your browsers on the menu page and then again on the simulator page.

For a single I/O with an engine speed of 600 RPM, the engine in reverse, and the rudder turned hard port/starboard, the boat will move in the direction of the rudder.

Please let us know how the changes work for you.

Happy Boating!

5 thoughts on “Rudder Effectiveness and Single I/O Prop Walk

  • The prop walk needs a bit of refining. Perhaps a selection to control it’s effectiveness.
    With a right hand engine rotation, with the tiller full to starboard, the walk in a medium reverse is about 1/3 the effectiveness of going forward, and in reverse rudder position makes no difference in most cases (like doing a back and fill turn).

    Now in a port turn with the rudder full to port, reverse has NO port turning effect other than just slowing the boat to make a port turn. However, if there’s enough reward thrust and then back to neutral the boat will slightly turn to port because of the drift.

    I know this will be hard to simulate, but for docking practice it’s a must have.

  • Thank you for building this Simulator. I have a concern about the handling of the single I/O boat. If you are at very slow speeds, reverse should swing the nose in the opposite direction of turn. In theory with no wind if you reverse to the left, the nose will swing right, then if you bump forward to the right you can spin the boat very quickly to maneuver as needed. The current sim has the boat turning completely wrong in reverse which is not letting me teach my wife the proper handling of a single prop boat. Thanks for listening.

  • Very nice simulation, seem like it could become a Flight Simulator for the boating community. Would be great to have various harbors, and bridge view in addition to the top view.
    Might be nice to support sailing boats as well, with muli-player interaction, you could hold races and regattas. Oh with a google I see there is already a Sail Simulator.

    Good talking to you on the SR56 bike path!

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