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I am in the process of buying a 35 to 45 foot boat and need to make a decision on “do I need side thrusters or not?”.  Your simulator is great for helping me make that decision and I thank you for your effort.  I do have two suggestions for you.  

When you have the rudder centered and have one engine running forward and the other in reverse the boat spins around as expected. To move the boat sideways you can put the rudder hard right, run the right engine forward and the left engine aft and the boat will move to the left as expected.   As the boat moves to the left you can move the rudder and it has little effect.  To make my point if you have the rudder centered and one engine forward and one back the boat spins, if you move the rudder a single click off center the boat moves to the side like the rudder is hard over.  With the rudder a single click off center it should have little effect on the spinning of the board and little side movement.  I believe you have a simple coding error or error in your algorithm on what the rudder does.

Thanks John – I think we fixed it so it only walks sideways when the rudder is HARD OVER. Please let me know if this fixes the issue.

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