Dual Fenders

Hello, We just added dual fenders so that you can now select: no fenders, port fenders, starboard side fenders, or both fenders. Also, all three spring lines can be deployed simultaneously. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

New Controls Features Added

Thanks to all your feedback, we have added two new control features. The first is a rudder in the water. If you select large controls from the startup menu, you will see a large set of controls (now including a rudder) in the water. This is a duplicate set of controls as those in the […]

Upgraded Rudder Control

We have upgraded the rudder control to increment by 15 degrees per click using the mouse and 5 degrees per click using the Hot Keys. Read about rudder control under the Rudder heading and the Hot Keys heading. Also, we described the Hot Keys for a Mac.

Single I/O has been added

Hello, A number of you have requested controls for single I/O. We have just added those features and we look forward to your feedback. After you launch the simulator (see the instructions in the following post), click on the button in the lower right hand corner until you reach either Dual I/O (separate throttle and […]