Man Overboard

Hello Boaters,

To all who use the man overboard dock configuration for training, it has been modified so that the “man overboard” is now on the move. Click anywhere on the screen and the man will slowly move toward that click.

As always, please let us know if this works for you!

TheBoatDocker Team

13 thoughts on “Man Overboard

  • Great simulator. I drive a 120 ton excursion boat, twin screw with standard prop rotations.

    When I want the boat to go sideways, I can do what we call the ‘reverse prop’ which is essentially making one of the props a stern thruster. This moves the boat pretty quickly, and the simulator does a good job with this.

    However, often I want to bring the boat sideways more gently, which what is done is to twin screw (for/aft) the props (the opposite way of the reverse prop) and turn the wheel away from the sideways direction, but not as much. I then use the thruster to keep the boat parallel. Essentially you are pushing the stern in the direction you want to slide to, and using the thruster to keep the boat parallel.

    With the simulator right now, when I do this, it seems to ignore the effect of the thruster and the boat doesn’t move sideways as expected. I can keep the boat parallel, which is good, but it won’t go sideways as most boats will do.

  • Thanks. I love the simulator. I am looking to buy a twin engine boat and have only driven one once and will need to back it into my slip so the practice is invaluable.

  • It would be nice if the simulation could be run where the boat was always facing the top of the screen and the surroundings rotated, rather than the boat. It is very hard to get your brain turned 180 degrees with the controls when the boat is moving south, plus it is a totally unnatural scenario that you would never encounter in real life at the helm (unless it is a remote control boat I guess).

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