New Hot Keys

Thanks to our friend Tomas, we have added some new hotkeys in addition to the old ones. Tomas said:
“Hi, I use a Mac computer so you could set the BOW thrust to (Q=left) and (W=right). Then STERN thrust could be (A=left) and (S=right).
I also found a very nice shareware program called “USB-overdrive” for Mac. With that I can set any key on my joystick to correspond to any keyboard key as desired. Might be of interest for other Mac users playing around with your sim.
Thanks for listening to me. Most appreciated that you help us out as you do.”

Our response:
“We have kept all the old keys the same because I don’t want to confuse existing users, but we have added the following keys:
BOW thruster to (Q=left) and (W=right). (Hold down to activate.)
STERN thruster could be (A=left) and (S=right). (Hold down to activate.)
Left Shifter (Separate shifter/throttle) or Left Throttle/Shifter (Integrated shifter/throttle) (E = increase RPM) and (D = decrease RPM)
Return left shifter to neutral and RPM to 600 (Key C)
Right Shifter (Separate shifter/throttle) or Right Throttle/Shifter (Integrated shifter/throttle) (R = increase RPM) and (F = decrease RPM)
Return right shifter to neutral and RPM to 600 (Key V)
Right Throttle or (Throttle/Shifter combination) (T = increase RPM) and (G = decrease RPM)
Left Throttle (Separate shifter/throttle) (T=increase RPM) and (G = decrease RPM)
Right Throttle (Separate shifter/throttle) (Y=increase RPM) and (H = decrease RPM)
Rudder (U = CCW) and (I = CW)”

TheBoatDocker Group

New Instruments

Hello Boaters,

Thanks to Phil’s suggestions, we have added upgraded the wind and water instrumentation. There is now a wind gauge that attempts to emulate a commercial gauge. We added a water gauge (which in reality doesn’t exist) to control the water speed and direction.

The settings page still allows the user to choose a wind / water heading in 45 degree increments, while the left and right arrows next to the gauges allow five degree increments. The up and down arrows next to the gauges are used to change the wind / water speeds.

We appreciate your feedback!
TheBoatDocker Team

Upgraded Wind & Water

Thanks to your feedback, we have restored a feature that previously existed in earlier versions. You can once again change the wind & water direction and amount in either the startup menu or on the fly in the simulator. When you are in the simulator, click on a small circles around the wind and water arrows to increase the amounts and to change the direction. Click on the center circle to decrease the amounts. Repeated clicks will increase/decrease the amounts. Team

Update on a brand new look

Thanks for all your feedback on our new look. Unfortunately, the update did not work across all browsers. We think we fixed the problem. So refresh your page at the menu screen and again at the simulator screen and let us know if the updates work for you.

Thanks for you patience!

Single I/O has been added


A number of you have requested controls for single I/O. We have just added those features and we look forward to your feedback. After you launch the simulator (see the instructions in the following post), click on the button in the lower right hand corner until you reach either Dual I/O (separate throttle and shifter) or Dual Int (integrated throttle and shifter). If you are using hot keys, the single I/O uses all the “Left” keys from the twin inboard settings.